How to edit information in VIVO

How do I upload my photo?

First, log into VIVO with your Gatorlink username and password. Go to your profile (via search, saved URL, or browse). To upload a photo, select the pencil icon in the upper left corner of the picture box. VIVO photos can be JPEG, GIF, or PNG files, and cannot be larger than 6 MB. To replace an existing photo, delete the existing photo using the trash can icon. Upload a new photo.

How do I get my information into VIVO?

All UF faculty and staff are automatically included in VIVO. To edit your information, log in with your Gatorlink username and password, and follow the on-screen prompts.

You may also send your CV to, and the VIVO team will include the following information on your VIVO profile: educational background, previous positions, research interests, awards, photos, and alternate email address, if any. Please send this information and a picture to

How do I log in to edit my profile

Go to On the right side of the scree, there is a box that says "Manage My Page." Click the button that says "Gatorlink Login" and login with your Gatorlink Username and password.

How do I change how my name appears in VIVO?

Your name is obtained in VIVO from the UF directory. To your name there, log in to Select "My Account" from the Main Menu. Select "Update My Directory Profile" and change your preferred name. This change will be reflected in VIVO upon the next data refresh.

How can I add contact information to my profile?

Log into your VIVO profile. Select the "+" next to the "Email" and "Phone" fields. Enter the complete email address and/or phone number, and save the entry.

How do I add patents or other information to my profile?

Log in to your VIVO profile. Scroll down to the "Publications" field. Select the "+" icon. VIVO will prompt you to select a publication type. For patents, select "patent" from the drop down menu. Enter the title and then press Create. On your profile screen, press the Edit (Pencil) icon next to the new patent entry. Enter the information for your patent and press Save.

How do I update my research interests?

Log in with your Gatorlink username and password.Select Affiliation, then click the “+” (Add) sign next to Member Of. Select your membership type and press create. Edit the membership to reflect the organization or committee of which you are a member, adding date ranges and other information about your membership as needed. Press Save.

How can I upload files to my VIVO profile?

You can load files to the Institutional Repository at UF( The Instititional Repository can store your PDFs, presentation files and other material. Each item you store will be given a URL (Internet address) by the Institutional Repository. This URL is permanent. Once your item is stored in the Institutional Repository and you have its URL, you can create a searchable, linked item in VIVO for your profile. Create the item and for your article, conference poster, presentation, etc. on your VIVO profile. When creating your item, click on the “+” sign next to “Primary Web Page” Add the url of your item from the institutional repository. Press save.