Help for departments

Graduate student and undergraduate student profiles

UF students are not automatically added to VIVO. Students can request a VIVO profile by emailing their name, UFID, Gatorlink username, and department affiliation to the VIVO team at A record will be made of the request and profiles are typically created next day. Once a profile is made, future university and publication information is automatically added and updated.

Department proxy editing

In order for a department representative to act as proxy for updating department member profiles, an authorizing unit chair or director must request privileges from The request should include the department or unit name, name and gatorlink username of the person to be the department proxy. The VIVO team will train the proxy in VIVO editing, and add the proxy to the VIVO Editors email list, which provides updates and additional information on editing VIVO profiles. The proxy editor will be invited to quarterly VIVO Editors meetings. These meetings are used to answer questions, share best practices and receive updates regarding VIVO at UF and elsewhere.

Maintaining good profiles requires some effort. We look forward to working with department proxy editors.

Statement of responsibility

Department proxies agree to each of the following:

  1. That the editor understands that access and editorship rights to designated VIVO user profiles are a privilege and that the editor affirms that they will not misuse this privilege.
  2. That all data entered into VIVO will be publicly available.
  3. That the UF VIVO team reserves the right to remove access if the account is misused at any time, in order to preserve the quality and integrity of the data.