Frequently asked questions

We are often asked questions about VIVO. Some frequently asked questions are below.

Who is responsible for VIVO at UF?

VIVO at UF is provided by the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute, with a team led by VIVO principal Investigator, Dr. Michael Conlon.

Where does VIVO data come from?

You may wish to review the help article Where does VIVO get its data?, which describes methods used by UF data to get grant data from the Division of Sponsored Research, courses taught from the Office of the University Registrar, personnel data from Enterprise data warehouses, and the UF directory, publicaton information from Thomson-Reuters Web of Knowledge, post doctoral associate information from the provost's office, and individual data elements from the owner's of the profiles.

Do I have to maintain my profile?

No. Profiles are automatically updated for publications, grant awards, courses taught, positiions held and department affiliation. You may find that this is sufficient information for your profile.

Should you shoose to add additional information, you may wish to review How to edit VIVO information.

Why should I maintain my profile?

There are several reasons to maintain your profile: 1) VIVO profiles are easy to find by search engines and others, so it is likely that your VIVO profile will be seen; 2) VIVO profile addresses are easy to remeber. If someone knows your email address, they can find your profile, so again, your profile is likely to be seen; 3) VIVO data is easy to reuse by technical staff. If your VIVO profile is up to date, they can use elements from your profile to update department web sites and reports.

If I put additional information in my VIVO profile, what can be done with it?

Providing additional information on one's profile has several benefits. 1) If your information is reasonably complete, you can use the CV buttong to generate a CV (which you can edit further as you like); 2) You can make an NIH biosketch; 3) you can include your VIVO profile on your business card; 4) Your profile information can be reused on other web sites and reports -- your technical staff can l;earn how to do this. They should see Reusing VIVO data.

How can I link my VIVO profile to my web page?

You can link your VIVO profile to as many web sites of interest as you wish. Simply use the URL format below, replacing "gatorlinkusername" with your own GatorLink username:

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