Finding Information in VIVO

How do I search?

Type any phrase in th search box and press "Search".

VIVO returns items that match your search phrase. Use the right hand text box, where VIVO lists the "types" of things it has found -- people, organizations, articles, etc. If you click on one of the types, VIVO will list only results of that type.

How do I browse information in VIVO?

All information in VIVO is organized by types. The types of things can be seen in the VIVO index. Click "Index" in the VIVO banner at the top of any page to visit the VIVO index. Information in the index is organized into broad headings -- people, organizations, research, grants, activities, courses, events, and locations. Under each heading are the types of entities stored in VIVO. Next to each type is a count of the number of such entities in VIVO at the current time. Clicking on an entity type will produce a list of the entities. Clicking on any of the entities in the list will take you to the entity. Browsinbg works across all types of information stored in VIVO.

On any page in VIVO you will see numerous links to other information. You can follow these links to browse information -- from a department to people in the department, from people to their papers, from their papers to their co-authors, from the co-authors to other departments, and so on. You can follow paths as you wish.

Do I have to log in to search VIVO?

No. Anyone can search any installation of VIVO. You only need to log in to VIVO to edit information.

How do I search VIVO on my mobile device?

VIVO is compatible with smart phones. Simply go to on your smart device and search as you would search VIVO on a computer.

How do I search VIVO at other schools?

To search other VIVOs, go to: and click the university logo of the VIVO you would like to search.

The VIVO project is building a cross-institutional search. To see a demonstration, visit VIVO beta search

UF has its own cross-institutional search. Visit VIVO Federated Search

The Clinical and Translational Science Award Consortium has created a cross-site search called Direct2Experts. See Direct2Experts